Sweet Chili

True Chef Driven Food Truck

Thaietnamese Food Truck in New York City.  Run by Top Chef Finalist Lisa Fernandes.

We are available for parties, catering, weddings and corporate dining!   Also inquire about corporate truck rental and customized wrapping!

Innovative Thaietnamese food being served on a unique food truck right here in NYC!  Our dishes are sweet, spicy, salty and sour...Oh and of course everything has something crunchy too.  Experience our food for yourself!  Choose a protein, choose a salad and eat up!

Pick Your Protein

Choose from one of our 4 amazing proteins glazed with it's own unique sauce that will get you hooked!

Pick Your Salad

Compliment your dish with a choice of our 3 fresh, crisp salads.  Don't worry, they all go great with each protein!

Add a Drink

Hydrate yourself naturally with a coconut water.  You can add mango or lychee to kick it up a little.  Or wake yourself up with Vietnamese coffee.  Drink up!

 *All dishes include jasmine rice