About the Chef

Lisa Fernandes

Top Chef Season 4 Finalist

With over 20 years of culinary experience, Lisa’s expertise is only matched by her ability to run a successful and profitable kitchen. She is passionate about creating new flavors that will engage and excite the food community of New York City. She has also worked at several high end restaurants in NYC including Asia de Cuba, Rain, Public, Mai House, and Dos Caminos.

Every dish on her menu tells a story. She's been cooking since she was 9 years old, creating dishes that she's constantly worked on and refined up until this day.

"My mother taught me how to create flavors. Her palate is spot on, and she has the ability to pick out every ingredient in any sauce or dressing. I get it from somewhere!" -Lisa

The maple miso glaze she uses on her tofu is the famous glaze she made on Top Chef. That sauce won her the challenge and a trip to Italy! Which she gave to her parents.

The heavenly beef is a dish she learned from Thai women several years ago. It is a form of traditional Thai beef jerky that would be laid out on straw mats in the sun to dry out.

"Of course we don't do that here at Sweet Chili, we stick to the flavors, but cook it in our kitchen instead of on top of our truck!" -Lisa

The signature sweet chili sauce is something she created years ago. She remembers going to the store when she was about 17 years old, and discovering bottled Mae Ploy sauce. She loved it! A month later she decided to improve the recipe.

"So I took it to the next level, adding flavors and ingredients I knew would make it even better. This is the kind of sauce you can put on anything! I've been known to dip french fries in it too!" -Lisa