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Sweet Chili

Coming to Bushwick

Fall 2019


about us


Sweet Chili is a new Southeast Asian Restaurant in Bushwick, straddling the line between quick service and fine dining. Our chef transforms traditional flavors into unique, modern dishes. Our cocktails complement the food and use Southeast Asian ingredients in new and unexpected ways. 

Our chef, Lisa Fernandes, a Top Chef finalist, started Sweet Chili with her food truck in 2013. Sweet Chili represents Lisa’s take on Southeast Asian cuisine, executed in a style all her own. With her desire to expand beyond the limits of a food truck, Lisa discovered the perfect restaurant space in Bushwick. Armed with a full kitchen and space to entertain guests, Sweet Chili aims to wow old and new fans alike.



(347) 669-7385




1045 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237


Sun & Mon 11a-11p (Closed Tuesday)
Wed & Thurs 11a-11p
Fri & Sat 11a–12a