Sweet Chili, No Kid Hungry + Kevin Bacon!


Sweet Chili, No Kid Hungry + Kevin Bacon!

We here at Sweet Chili love serving food to people.  But what about the children in the United States who cannot afford meals?  We are a part of the team No Kid Hungry who works to end childhood hunger in the United States...

We teamed up with NKH, Kevin Bacon, The Following on Fox, and 6 Degrees to raise money for the NKH campaign.  


amazon now delivers Sweet Chili right to your home


amazon now delivers Sweet Chili right to your home

Amazon Fresh is now delivering Sweet Chili to New York City! We have teamed up with Amazon to bring you meal kits delivered right to your front door.  All you need to do is follow the instructions and enjoy! 3 minutes to prepare hot, fresh, delicious Sweet Chili meals as often as you want! Choose next day delivery or plan ahead for a weekend dinner party, its your choice!

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Vendy Awards Rookie of the Year!

First of the 2013 Vendy Award Nominees Announced


Finalists vying for the Vendy Cup, the event's top prize, will be announced next month.Photo: Courtesy of the Street Vendor Project

The ninth annual Vendy Awards, which celebrates all things excellent about street food and mobile vendor culture in New York, will take place on September 7. While the finalists for the top prize, the Vendy Cup, won't be announced until next month, here's the rundown of four out of seven main categories, including those up for the coveted Rookie of the Year honors. The nominees have been gleaned from thousands of nominations, and in less than two months, this select group of finalists will gather at Industry City in Brooklyn to grill, scoop, stir-fry, and otherwise proffer their very best dishes in a head-to-head showdown, which will be judged by a panel of experts during the ceremony. Let the games begin.

Rookie of the Year Nominees
The award for newcomers. 
• Mamak
• Mysttik Masaala 
• Neapolitan Express
• Nuchas
• Sweet Chili

• Toum

A hearty congratulations to all the nominees! Tickets are 

already on sale  and the Street Vendor Project , the group that organizes the Vendys, is offering a new incentive to early birds: Buy before midnight on Friday, July 26th and you could land the esteemed position of citizen judge, putting you on the competition’s discerning panel.



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Wall Street Journal

Asian-Fusion Food Truck Hits Manhattan

It only takes three minutes to satisfy an Asian-fusion craving at Sweet Chili, a 1968 Chevy kitchen-on-wheels that recently began service, but it's sweet and spicy recipes have been a lifetime in the making.

Adrian Fussell for The Wall Street Journal

The Sweet Chili food truck.

Adrian Fussell for The Wall Street Journal

A Vietnamese coffee with a plate of sweet chili chicken and bean sprout salad.

Chef and owner Lisa Fernandes, who was also a runner-up recently on Top Chef Chicago, started cooking at 9 years old with her flavor-savvy mother. She has been creating and refining recipes ever since.

Ms. Fernandes describes her cuisine as "Thaietnamese." For $9 customers get jasmine rice with a salad and a protein. Try the Thai-inspired sweet chili chicken: house sweet-chili sauce served over tender chicken that has been seared, stewed until near-braised and topped with scallions. Just a few mouthfuls will leave a slow, lasting burn.

The salads have less kick than some restaurants, but not necessarily for the heat-shy. Try the bean sprouts, garnished with a cool mint-cilantro medley that adds a decidedly traditional complexity. Ask for extra rice to soak up the sauce and an iced Vietnamese coffee for immediate sweet relief— infused with chicory, it's strong, and cheaper than Starbucks SBUX +0.50% .

—Angela Hunt

Sweet Chili; follow @sweetchilinyc on Twitter or visit sweetchilinyc.com for locations; serving lunch between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.


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New York street food review

« Mobile Munchies for Wed, June 5th Get FREE Donuts & Possibly Movie Passes For Nat’l Donut Day »
NYSF First Look: Sweet Chili Thaietnamese Cuisine

(credit: NYSF)

Last month we told you about yet another food truck trying to raise money on Kickstarter, although they already had the truck purchased.

In this case, the goal wasn’t even close to reached, but miracle of miracles, they were at Lent Space yesterday for their 2nd day in business. When you’re a Top Chef Finalist, there are other ways to raise money for opening.

The new food truck is named Sweet Chili. The chef and owner, Lisa Fernandes, serves what she calls Thaietnamese cuisine, which takes aspects and ingredients from both Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.

(credit: NYSF)

You’ve heard us complain about all the food trucks with “create your own” menus that lack imagination. You get whatever they serve in tacos, burritos or rice bowls. That’s not too original.

Sweet Chili has a “create your own” concept too, but it’s not tacos, burritos or rice bowls, and the food is very interesting.

You choose a protein and a salad, and they are served with jasmine rice for $9. We arrived late (1:30) and they were out of miso-glazed tofu, iced Vietnamese coffee and coconut candy, but we still had 3 proteins and salads to choose from.

Our main selection was Sweet Chili Chicken. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – when a chef names their truck or restaurant after a dish, order that dish first.

The salad we chose was Green Mango Salad.

The Sweet Chili Chicken was very moist and tender, almost like it was stewed. There was a combination of white and dark meat in the dish, but it was the sauce that got our attention.

Of course there were chilies, but the sweet, spicy sauce also contained tamarind, which is one of our favorites. Scallions were included in the dish too.

(credit: NYSF)

Sweet Chili describes this dish perfectly because it was definitely spicy, but had that sweet heat we enjoy so much. Scooping up some sticky jasmine rice and sweet chili chicken in the same bite worked great in balancing the heat.

Towards the end, we also got some vinegary sauce in our bites, which had come over from the mango salad. That mad each bite even more interesting.

We thought finishing with the mango salad would cool things down a bit, but we think the mango salad might have had a little kick too. At the end of the meal, it was kind of hard to tell which heat came from the sweet chili chicken and which came from the mango salad.

The tingle on our tongue lasted half the subway ride back to our office. We’re talking Canal St to Columbus Circle on the A train, not a short distance. Lovely!

Speaking of the mango salad, it had julienned mango and jicama, along with Vietnamese nuoc cham sauce and chili salt. Even though there was a little spiciness in the mango salad, it was still a refreshing counterpoint to the sweet chili chicken.

(credit: NYSF)

We really enjoyed lunch at Sweet Chili, and look forward to trying their other dishes. To clarify, the spiciness of the meal wasn’t overwhelming or brutal. It was a moderate heat, but had some lasting power.

Lisa told us they will be at Lent Space (aka Hudson Square Food Truck Lot) Tuesdays and Fridays. They are still working out their schedule, so we put in a plug for Mondays on Broadway between 55th-56th St. Here’s hoping!

You can follow the Sweet Chili food truck on twitter here and on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed. Their website is here and facebook is here.

In our opinion, Sweet Chili is one of the better food trucks to hit the street in 2013. Give them a try and we think you’ll agree.

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